Upcoming Conferences

The CPABC provides two annual conferences, one in the spring and one in the fall. These are open to members and non-members. Every second year, the fall conference is incorporated with the Christian Schools Canada conference.

Join us for our Spring Conference: May 1-3, 2019 Nita Lake Lodge, Whistler. Speaker: Shane Claiborne

Conference Travel Subsidy

Use this link  to apply to a conference travel subsidy for any of the upcoming conferences. The CPABC executive will review your request and email you. Travel Subsidy Form

Past Conferences

CPABC Spring Conference 2018 – May 3 to 5 at Cedar Springs, Sumas, WA | Engaging God’s World with Neal Plantinga – Brochure

CPABC Fall Conference 2017 – October 4 at Surrey Christian School | Leadership and Reconciliation with Roy Henry Vickers – Brochure

CPABC Spring Conference 2017 – May 3 to 5 at Cedar Springs, Sumas, WA | Living in the Grey with James Calvin Schaap – Brochure

Christian Schools Canada Conference 2016  September 21-23 in Banff, AB | Power Trip with  Andy Crouch – Website

CPABC Spring Conference 2016 – May 4 to 6 at Cedar Springs, Sumas, WA | Living and Serving Apocalyptically with Darrell Johnson – Program

CPABC Fall Conference 2015 – October 8 at Regent College | Reframe  – Connecting Faith and Life

CPABC Spring Conference 2015 – May 6 to 8 at RockRidge Canyon in Princeton, BC  An Adventure toward Wisdom with Barbara Mutch – Program

Christian Schools Canada Conference 2014  September 18-20 in Victoria, BC  Imagining the Kingdom with James K.A.Smith – Audio and Resources

CPABC Spring Conference 2014  April 30 to May 2 at Cedar Springs  The Power of Love: Practicing Forgiveness with Steve Bell and John Coutts – Brochure

CPABC Fall Conference 2013 – October 9 at Surrey Christian School  Focus on Mentorship with Walter Wright – Videos Session1  Session 2

CPABC Spring Conference 2013  May 1 – 3 at Cedar Springs | Leaving Egypt – Finding God in the Wilderness Places by Chuck deGroat – Brochure

Christian Schools Canada Conference 2012 – September 27-29 in Cambridge, Ontario | Understanding and Change: Christian Education in the 21st Century – Brochure

CPABC Spring Conference 2012 – May 2 to 4 at Cedar Springs | Desiring the Kingdom: Worship, Worldview and Christian Education – Brochure

CPABC Fall Conference 2011 – October 5 at Alumni Hall, TWU | Painting the Beautiful Picture – Brochure

CPABC Spring Conference 2011 – May 4 to 6 at Cedar Springs | Sturdy Spines, Tender Hearts with Syd Hielema – Brochure

Christian Schools Canada Conference 2010 – September 23 to 25 in Edmonton, AB | Feature Speakers: Cecil Van Niejenhuis and Dan Reinhardt – Brochure

CPABC Spring Conference 2010 – April 21-23, 2010 at Cedar Springs | Restoring the Soul of Your Leadership with Ruth Haley Barton – Brochure